Will Kenya Say ‘Karibu Numbani’ to Gilad ?

Gilad Millo, Kenya’s musician deemed as the ‘King wa mapenzi’ by his fans, has been quoted on several occasions speaking on his love for the Kenyan state. Outpouring his love first through his social media pages, and secondly in his music created for the Kenyan people by singing in a language that is close to them, Kiswahili. Gilad has attracted the name brother by many of the people who have come to meet him. Anyone who has met Gilad will tell you that he is humble, jovial, a real lifeist, a man of the people among other traits.


Circulating around the internet is Gilad’s immigration application for Kenya Citizenship that he has presented to the Kenyan immigration office. This news has circulated to reach the news desk of renowned Journalist, Larry Madowo who asked the question on his leading show, the trend. This prompted a massive feedback from Kenyans pouring their heart out to welcome the decision with both arms with the hashtag #MakeGiladKenyan trending the whole of Friday 20th into the early mornings.  

With years of living in Kenya, love for the country that he can majorly express through his Kiswahili lyrics and a one of a kind connection with the Kenyan people, Gilad’s application for citizenship is another major expression of interest to the 254 republic.

Through the ‘Israel for Africa’ organization, Gilad’s love at the community level has been greatly felt in different areas of the country. Founded by Gilad himself and his brothers, the organization uses the knowledge and technological advances achieved in Israel in the fields like AGRICULTURE – green house and drip irrigation systems, medicine, education, development, water, sanitation and more to improve the lives of under privileged groups such as: Youth groups, Women’s groups, People living with HIV.

During the last ‘Gilad Live’ held at the Ngong Racecourse, concert revelers expressed without hesitation the interest in making Gilad a Kenya citizen.

 If the decision lay with Gilad’s fans he would be using his Kenyan passport during his next visit to his birthplace, Israel.

On a previous statement Gilad stated that his relationship with this country is inseparable from his personal identity. It's not only patriotism. It's not only a flag. It is his essence, his spirit, his home, lifelong friendships, family and his heart.

The big question is, will the Kenyan government accept his marriage proposal? If you believe we should say ‘I Do’ as we dance to Sema Milele, then join the discussion on #MakeGiladKenyan.