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IMAGE Kenyan Cosmetic Bigwig Set To Rake In Big Money From MICROSOFT Law Suit!!!
Friday, 25 July 2014
@Kaphrayra Kenyan cosmetic industry bigwig, Suzie Wokabi is planning to drag computer giant, Microsoft to court in a huge law suit over violation of... Read More...
IMAGE Juliana Kanyamonzi Reveals Her Son's Last Words Before He Passed On
Friday, 25 July 2014
  Juliana Kanyamonzi son's daddy Amon Lukwago says his son Keron Raphael Kabugo was in high spirits hours before he died on Sunday in Nairobi. Read More...
IMAGE P-Unit's Frasha Is A Dad Again!!!
Friday, 25 July 2014
@Kaphrayra Francis Amisi a.k.a Frasha shared a picture of the bouncing baby boy still at the hospital probably just a few hours after he joined his... Read More...
IMAGE Keron's Classmates Send A Heartfelt Tribute To TPF Judge Juliana Kanyomozi.
Friday, 25 July 2014
@Kaphrayra Tributes to the late Keron continue to stream in as the family prepares to lay his body to rest today in Uganda. Read More...
IMAGE Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore Takes It To The Streets...
Friday, 25 July 2014
@Kaphrayra We hear Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore recently pulled a good one on Kenyans on the Waiyaki way route by handing gift hampers to random... Read More...
IMAGE Meet Brina, The Jamaican Who Has Done A Swahili Song "Skiza"
Friday, 25 July 2014
Jamaican artist Brina shocked Kenyan reggae fans when she recently released her swahili song "Skiza" which she sang in swahili from start to finish a... Read More...
IMAGE "How I Met My Wife" Octopizzo Reveals
Friday, 25 July 2014
Octopizzo got himself a "Mzungu" wife and the story of how these two met has never been told. The coupld has a daughter named Zarra together. Read More...
IMAGE Gospel Singer Size 8's 'Mateke' Feats Land Her In Controversial Blogger's 'Sex Wish List'!!
Thursday, 24 July 2014
@Kaphrayra SIZE 8,SHIKS KAPYENGA, HUDDAH MONROE, VANESSA CHETTLE, SANAPEI TANDE and  MAUREEN KUNGA of ELANI are just five of the ten names listed by... Read More...
IMAGE MOG Clears The Air, Are They Breaking Up?
Thursday, 24 July 2014
@Kaphrayra Gospel group Thee MOG have renounced rumours that they may be headed for a split. Read More...
IMAGE East African Celebrities Console Bereaved Juliana Kanyomozi!!!
Thursday, 24 July 2014
@Kaphrayra East African artists came together to offer their condolences to the bereaved Ugandan star Juliana Kanyomozi. Read More...
IMAGE Usually Cool, Calm And Collected Vera Sidika Loses Her Cool On Twitter!
Thursday, 24 July 2014
@Kaphrayra Most of us have come to know Socialite Vera  Sidika as a thick skinned, carefree and don't care kind of person. Read More...
IMAGE Music Star DNA Reveals The Truth Behind His Exit From GrandPa Records!
Thursday, 24 July 2014
@Kaphrayra 'Maswali ya Polisi' hit singer DNA is set to venture into his own recording stable soon. Read More...
IMAGE Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale Defends Himself Against #KOT 'Vera Thirst' Jokes!
Thursday, 24 July 2014
@Kaphrayra Kakamega senator Boni Khalwale defended himself against #KOT after they tagged him a member of 'team mafisi/ thirsty' because of his... Read More...

Top Radio Queens Sheila Mwanyigah And Ciku Muiruri Badly Dissed By Blogger



A blogger going by the name Kraziest Kenyan has hit out at radio celebrities Sheila Mwanyigah and Ciku Muiruri using them as examples of women a man should not marry.

He insinuates in his article that the reason why Sheila Mwanyigah has never gotten married despite having been 'the rave' in her 20s is because she is among those women who thought "their looks would count for something". He claims that Ciku is "a single, lonely, soon to be grandma who’s bitter coz she can’t find a man dumb enough to be step father to her daughter". 

Here are some excerpts from his piece dubbed 'WIFE MATERIAL STANDARDS';

"There are only three queries that won’t generate search results on Google… The exact day of Jesus’ second coming, answers to your prayers and lastly, Sheila Mwanyigha’s age. Now, lemmi tell y’all something about Sheila… When I was a boy our Sunday School teacher told us that Moses parted the Red Sea, and I swore to myself that my only mission in life would be to part Sheila Mwanyigha’s legs, and if that happened I’d have done my duty on Earth.. Yep, she was hot like that! Getting a husband wouldn’t have been a hustle for her, but she never made it past engaged. We’ll see why shortly… Sheila is not the only bad bitch approaching menopause without a husband.. If you look around you’ll notice that most of the single ladies over 30 were the baddest bitches in their 20s. They form the bulk of bitter single mums who thought their looks would count for something but still reeling with shock coz the only thing their phat asses got them were huge dicks, not wedding bands n’shit.

Most of the bad bitches can’t come up with three reasons a nigga should be with them outside of their looks and pussy. But their looks and pussy get old quicker coz that’s all they got to offer! These pretty women think they don’t have to do shit but look pretty… That might be cool for like a weekend but what are we gonna eat, bitch? If you can’t do dishes coz you don’t want to touch dirt, then being a bridesmaid is the closest you’ll ever get to a marriage."


"Y’all know Ciku Muiruri, right? Call it ill luck.. Or call it the occupational hazards of the whoring profession, the fact is, she had a little accident learning to ride dick almost twenty years ago and the instructor vanished soon after the fact. I bet she didn’t imagine her product of sin would haunt her for a lifetime. She’s a single, lonely, soon to be grandma who’s bitter coz she can’t find a man dumb enough to be step father to her daughter. She vents her frustrations by collectively insulting Kenyan men as broke and with short dicks. Lord ha’mercy on this hoe! Everybody knows she lost her smile coz the Artur’s ripped apart her a*se hole!"

Well, we know nothing about the men in the two divas lives though Ciku did mention recently that she was giving up her man for 40 days during this lent period.

You can read the rest of the controversial blog HERE!